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Paradise, near Las Vegas, NV central business district, houses the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and many other attractions. It is an excellent place for anyone looking to experience the exciting lifestyle of Las Vegas without being in the center of it all.

Paradise: How It Started

Early and Recent Development

Paradise began its development in the 1950s. Initially, the area was encompassed by farmland and was not yet part of Las Vegas. In 1950, the first hotel and casino, the Flamingo, was opened, setting the stage for the grand resorts and casinos that would eventually define the Las Vegas Strip.

As the tourism industry in Las Vegas prospered, Paradise quickly developed into an area filled with entertainment venues, shopping centers, and luxury hotels. During the 1960s and 1970s, several notable landmarks, such as the iconic Caesars Palace, opened their doors. The area's growth continued through the 1980s and 1990s, with the addition of several new resorts and casinos.

In recent years, ongoing development in Paradise has centered around improving existing infrastructure and constructing new residential buildings. As a result, the area has become Vegas' one of the most desirable neighborhoods, attracting visitors and residents worldwide.

How Paradise Was Named

The name "Paradise" was adopted during this time to reflect the luxurious lifestyle and attractive climate offered by the area. The community grew rapidly, with many people choosing to relocate to Paradise due to its growing job market and its amenities.

Local Attractions

The following are a few of the local attractions you can enjoy if you live or visit Paradise, Las Vegas:

  • The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV): Home to the Runnin' Rebels basketball team and other collegiate sports, UNLV is a great campus to explore.
  • The Las Vegas Strip: Paradise is located just minutes from one of the most iconic streets in the world. Explore all the glitz and glamor this neon-lit street has to offer.
  • McCarran International Airport: The airport serves as a port for many travelers headed to or from Las Vegas. It also has an extensive exhibit area where visitors can learn about aviation history.
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: This place is one of Nevada's most stunning natural attractions, boasting hiking trails, camping areas, and plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Paradise Park: For those searching for a convenient and fun place to get their outdoor fix, Paradise Park is the ideal family-friendly destination with its lush green grass and picnic tables.
  • The Las Vegas Motor Speedway: As one of the most famous race tracks, The Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers thrilling races throughout the year.

Cost of Living in Paradise, Las Vegas

In general, the cost of living in Paradise is slightly higher than the national average. The median home value is around $327,000, and the median rent in this area is roughly $1,500 per month.

The cost of groceries, healthcare, and utilities are also on par with both state and national averages, making it an affordable place for those who plan to stay long-term.

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